Top 4 Android Games to Play Online 2019

Android phones have become the playstation of today’s generation and the experience you get while playing games on Android has been improving over time and in 2019, you can play heavy games that were previously only available for Playstation on your Android phones too. Today we are about to list the Top 4 Android games that you can play online and enjoy.

Top 4 Online Android Games 2019

The list provided below is my favourite games, and we don’t believe in providing a rank to all of these, you can try all these awesome games and decide which is best for yourself.

  1. Super Smash Flash 2: For anime and Cartoon lovers, SSF2 seems like a game made in heaven. It’s a fighting game between the best cartoon series that you have watched in your childhood. This is one of the most complex fighting game available to play online, without having to download any file to your Android. You can also challenge your friends who have this game installed on their phone and decide who have better fighting skills virtually.
  2. PubG: PubG is one of the most downloaded Battle Royale game, that overshadowed the fame of Clash of Clans and other games in the same industry, in a very short time. PubG is a Shooting game which you can play solo or group with your friends as a team and have to kill all other players in the Map and become the Last man alive to win it. This game gained popularity due to its amazing graphics that make the users believe as if they are playing in Real.
  3. Geometry Dash: When it comes to simplicity in game, Geometry dash is unbeatable. Geometry dash game is just like the famous Flappy bird, but a better version. There are millions of Levels available online which have different themes and difficulty level, once you taste the feeling of completing a level in this game, no one can stop you from becoming a fan of this game. Geometry dash needs a serious amount of your concentration in order to complete the levels, as the obstacles on the way are sometimes too hard to cross without touching.
  4. Lodo King: We all have played Ludo in our childhood with our friends and family, and the game goes on very seriously because of the probability for a twist in the game. Many times the player who appears to be at the bottom, gets a chance to eat the other player in the end of the game and from there the whole game changes. Ludo King has brilliantly re-created this ancient game which can be played on Android through a virtual dice available on the game. Try challenging your friends on Ludo King and give them a tough competition.


Hope you got to know about the games that can potentially become your most favourite game in the future. Share this article with your friends and try these games together and kill boredom from your life.

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